T5 Troops announced for 4th birthday Posted by Stroebi. The new units will be released with the update next week. Together with the new and n Posted by Stroebi. Description and howto for the guild fest quest "Increase Might Troops". It does not matter if you destroy the monster or just hit it.

If you want to With the last two updates the bargain shop and the login gifts were introduced. We briefly highlight both and show the current content. A little beginner guide for the lords cup, with description of the control interface and usebility of the lords cup event.

The best known hero lineups for the Mega Maggot in Lords Mobile. Two Lineups for free2play and pay2play Heros. The best known hero lineups for the Gargantua in Lords Mobile. In the Quest "Complete Hero Stages" you must only final the Hero Stages, for this you can use the stack button, see on the Screenshot under the table We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.You are probably wondering what is Monter Hunt and why is it so important in Lords Mobile? So, those gifts they get from monsters are a precondition to make a powerful account. Energy and heroes are essential for hunting the Lords Mobile Monsters. As you probably know, by the time your energy will recover, and the recovering speed is correlated with many different factors. Those factors are player level, level of Monster Hunt research energy regaining speedspecific Familiar boosts, etc.

There is also a way to add the energy, without any waiting — from your bag, or if you buy it with gems. The first group of monsters is weak against Magical heroes and the second is weak against Physical heroes. Side Note: Voodoo Shaman and Hardrox are not present on the image, but the general rules are applicable for both heroes. With every hit, you will get a reward in the form of materials, resources, or speed-ups, etc.

voodoo shaman lords mobile

The drop rate will be shown in the image below:. After you kill a monster you will be rewarded with loot. You probably came to the conclusion that the more monsters you and your guildmates kill, the more gifts you will collect.

Thus, each member will get more speed-ups, resources, gemsetc. Level 1 monster is marked as [Common], level 2 as [Uncommon], level 3 as [Rare], level 4 as [Epic], and level 5 as [Legendary].

voodoo shaman lords mobile

It is logically that the level 1 monster is the easiest to kill, and the gift you will get by killing this monster will be less quality than the gift you get by killing the monster level 5. Drop rates are presented on the image below:. Monster Hunt research is the best way to maximize your damage rate and decrease energy consumption. There is a whole section in the Academy called — The Monster Hunt and this should be on your top priorities list. The many Monster Hunt research you make, the more damage you will do, and the less energy you will consume.

Also, you will get faster the trip to the monster and back will be shorter. Another way to improve the things we mentioned is Monster Hunt gear. In most cases, this gear can be forged and enhanced by using the materials you will get by spending the real money.

Mhw guiding lands leveling guide

Hint: Pay attention to a Guild Fest rewardsbecause maybe slayer chests are waiting there for you! If you love our Lords Mobile tips and tricksshare this post, or comment it below. If you have some tricks you use in your Lords Mobile Monster Huntfeel free to inform us. You probably know that the gems are a very important part of your Lords Mobile journey.

With gems, you can….

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What is Monster Hunt in Lords Mobile? Once you unlock the snowy part of your turf clearing…. With gems, you can… More. Once you unlock the snowy part of your turf clearing… More. This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Monster hunting is an exciting part of playing Lords Mobile.

All you have to do is hit and kill the monsters that you can find near your turf castle and get great rewards. At the same time, you can level up your heroes, and gain player EXP. If you are new to the game, you also need to start the respective research in the Academy. The higher the research, the higher your chances of defeating the monster rapidly. There are five levels of monsters to hunt. Use five heroes to hit and kill those ugly monsters.

Make sure you have enough energy. Keep in mind that you can only send out one group to monster hunt at any given time. A good combination of five heroes will determine the effect or DMG damage of your attack.

At lower castle Castle levels you may need up to 10 hits to kill one level 1 monster. Higher-level castles Castleyou may need 2 — 3 hits to eliminate a level one monster.

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Its venomous fangs nullifies all Life Leech effects, and its thick hide protects it from the strongest magical attacks. Take it down with brute physical force! Take her down with physical attacks before your heroes become her next meal! Its icy attacks cover a large area, causing any Hero standing behind the target to take huge damage.

Use heroes with skills that allow them to take cover behind Frostwing! Use AGI heroes. You may need more heroes that can recover HP to survive. It also has very high PDEF. So bring your heroes with skills that deal with Magic DMG to tackle this one!

Use INT heroesheroes with magic skills.

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Use your skill to deal Physical DMG to it before it can claim more victims! This monster is one of the easiest to kill and you can actually use any AGI Hero heroes with physical skills combination. However its attack can be disrupted if it is inflicted with conditions. The only way to defeat it is with magic. Get close and cast away!As we all know, the monster hunt is one of the most important features in Lords Mobile. You must join in a Guild to hunt monsters. After you defeating monsters successfully, each guildmate include you will get loot.

You will stand a chance to get rare items and precious resources from them. Hunting monsters require energy to be spent. The energy costs of monsters are 3, units for level 1, 5, units for level 2, 8, units for level 3 and 14, units for level 4.

Here the X stands for the number your damage is multiplied by. BlackWing is weak to physical damage and has high Magic damage defense, using heroes that do physical damage is the best route. Use magic to bring it down before it decimates your troops! The Noceros is a tough creature! Use skills that deal Magic DMG to defeat it!

Use your skills to deal Physical DMG to it before it can claim more victims! The ruthless Hell Drider will attack the Hero with the highest max HP, dealing damage to other Heroes near its target as well.

It is also protected by an energy shield, so send your strongest Heroes to destroy it! Use Magical Heroes to defeat it! The Mega Maggot 's mighty tail packs a massive sting! Its venom deals continuous damage, so remember to heal your heroes. Gargantua's skill can deal massive damage to its target and the Heroes nearby. You may need more Heroes that can recover HP to survive. Terrorthorn lashes its vine whips at Heroes, rendering them immobilized. It also blasts nearby Heroes with seeds, knocking them back.

Survive its onslaught to kill this fearsome monster! The Snow Beast always targets the Hero furthest from itself. It charges at the target with its enormous body and also causes all Heroes hit take damage over time. Use Heroes that can deal high damage against this fearsome beast! Use all Physical Damage Heroes to defeat this monster! The Voodoo Shaman is full of tricks! This rogue exudes a debilitating aura, and has the ability to petrify foes with its strange magic.

Take it down with Physical attacks before your heroes succumb to its sinister spells! This guide suited for the F2P player, these heroes can be instead of other heroes. If you have better advice, please comment below.

voodoo shaman lords mobile

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Rare Forging Materials. January 15, Each Event Equipment Set has one forging material that is more scarce and difficult to get your hands on than the others.

Bon Appeti Guide - Lords Mobile

Hense, rare. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog Darknest Rallies. October 09, It's about which troops and why. Sure, you might be able to beat it by just throwing a ton of troops at it, but you'll end up with more wounded than necessary. Why Do Darknest Rallies? It's basically free loot. Random, but you don't need to do much for it other than hold the rally correctly and heal some troops. Troops sent to a Darknest will never die unless you don't have room in your Infirmary. There are 5 grades of essence just like gear and heroes and The grade goes up with the Darknest levels.

Level 1 nests give you common up through level 5 nests giving you legendary. Theoretically, the higher the essence, the better the loot. I say theoretically because sometimes you cook an epic one for 12 hours and still get something useless to you and other times you do a common one and get something you need. Here is the o…. Read more. July 03, Once you're friends with it, just type help and it'll give you the menu for options.

Typing a keyword as a chat message will give you a response. Sometimes a new menu, sometimes a photo, sometimes an explanation or link.It is also the only monster that will unlock gear for Familiars.

In this article, I will breakdown everything that you need to know in order to hunt it down. Magic Attack is boring. Just saying. I always prefer the non-magic heroes for Monster Hunting. Do not try using Magic Heroes. Enjoy your 2-seconds of happiness! Here is my list of the top heroes to attack the Voodoo Shaman with.

I sent them out against a Level 1 on their own. Here are the results. Now of course, as a combined team the heroes will have different results, but this till gives you an idea of their overall power…. The Voodoo Shaman is quite consistent throughout the different levels, which is very refreshing. Unlike some of the other monsters, the Voodoo Shaman has an identical heroes lineup for Level 1 and Level 5. So, YAY! All the Voodoo Shaman gear is important. Also please note that the Mystic Box for the Familiar Accessory is not a monster gear and is created with materials that are farmed on the Kingdom Map.

That was an angry shout! Are they freaking kidding me?????!???

The Monster Hunt Guide for Lords Mobile

This is going to be the best way to get the Voodoo Shaman Gear. The Voodoo Shaman is actually an enjoyable monster to kill. In short, the Voodoo Shaman is the dream monster for F2P. Enjoy this moment. This almost never happens in Lords Mobile. Your email address will not be published. Marks Angry Review.Monsters equal prizes, and prizes equal domination.

Attacking the monsters in an efficient way can really bring you a strong advantage when growing within Lords Mobile. This is an evolving article. Keep visiting. We will eventually get through all the details of every monster.

Some of the articles have mega article links. First thing, first.

[Guide] LM Official Drop Rates-Material Chests

Join a guild. Good question. Across each kingdom, there are randomized tiles with monsters upon them. Your objective is to kill them. Use your heroes to take the monsters out. You can only send out one group to monster hunt at any given time. In addition to making your heroes stronger, here are the additional ways to improve your monster hunt attack power:. The Terrorthon is a flower monster with large yellow teeth and a desire to eat and throw seeds at heroes.

Yes, this is one strange monster. There are a few good hero combinations to use. Assuming that all the following heroes are maxed to your current standing, I would recommend the following. Do you want the full guide to the Terrorthorn?

Click here to read the entire cheatsheet for the Terrorthorn. The Tidal Titan has incredible resistance to physical attacks. You have to kill it with a magic attack. The heroes with the strongest magic attack will have the most success in destroying this monster.


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