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asus thunderbolt 3 compatible motherboards

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asus thunderbolt 3 compatible motherboards

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What motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 work with a 8th generation i7-8700K processor

Volume Savings. Clearance Item. United States. Hong Kong. United Kingdom. Intel Motherboards. LGA LGA Series. Extended ATX. Intel Series.Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of ASUS Z motherboards!

Backwards LGA compatibility might or might not ever be implemented through future firmware updates. Nobody can really say. Last edited by Korth; at AM. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.

I could find no details on the product pages or anywhere else online about VRM phases. I consider VRM spec fairly important when weighing motherboard choices.

I'm probably not alone.

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And other mobo makers are advertising their specs. It would be nice to have this information on the product pages, lol, it takes a while before reviewers can provide these details and a while longer to find and sift through them allI might not be alone in purchasing a non-ASUS board simply because such basic information if unavailable.

No Prime Pro, Deluxe or Premium models this time. Browse the product gallery. There's usually an image with a very good angle on the VRM. Originally Posted by Chino. That too. Why is the header missing on ROG boards? Everything known about these boards is from their product pages.

I've seen some changes on them already. I don't know if this indicates the mobos or the pages are being revised. If you don't see a certain feature like Thunderbolt header then it's probably not there. Thunderbolt is basically only used on laptops these days. A Thunderbolt interface really offers nothing useful on a desktop except for compatibility with Thunderbolt itself, at the cost of other things.

Thunderbolt PCIe adapters are available.

"motherboard with thunderbolt 3"

Gigabyte and Asrock both offer TB ports on most all? Last edited by Timur Born; at AM. Again, there are Thunderbolt adapter cards.

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Total performance and total cost are essentially identical whether you buy it as separate add-in card or as motherboard-embedded hardware. Although Thunderbolt 3 is one of Intel's selling points for Z chipset.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message. Related Searches: thunderbolt 3 motherboard.

Extra savings with selected CPU combo, limited offer. Home Search Results: "motherboard with thunderbolt 3". Top Sellers. Free Shipping. Department Any Category. Gigabyte Communication. Sonnet Technologies.

asus thunderbolt 3 compatible motherboards

Show More Apply. Very Good. Open Box. Hot Deals 4 Less. Digital Flagship Mall. BTE Outlet. Net To Zero. Aztek Computers. Big Warehouse Deals! Corn Electronics. Etronix World. First Expand Intelligent.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message.

Related Searches: thunderboltthunderbolt 3 cablethunderbolt 3. Our buying guide can show you how to choose the right motherboard. Extra savings with selected CPU combo, limited offer. Home Search Results: "thunderbolt 3 motherboard". Top Sellers. Free Shipping. Department Any Category. Input Devices. Sonnet Technologies. Very Good. Open Box.

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BTE Outlet. Net To Zero. Aztek Computers. Big Warehouse Deals! Corn Electronics.

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Etronix World. Office Equipment.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Support UI. X Donate Contact us. New posts Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Question of the Week: What are some tricks to getting the best performance out of our home computers? Thread starter thoreboj Start date Dec 17, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware Motherboards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Dec 17, 2 0 10 0. Is every motherboard with a type c port Thunderbolt compatible?

Dec 6, 5, 34, 1, Darkbreeze Titan Moderator. Jun 24, 59, 2,7, Type C is the "form factor" not the specification. If you are looking for Thunderbolt or Gen 2 support natively then any series board will work. Some may have better implementations of it than others. Darkbreeze :. So I should assume that basically every z board with usb-c is thunderbolt 3? You could have USB Type C ports on the same motherboard, and one could be gen 1 while another is gen2 or thunderbolt, or whatever they want.

You will need to read the specifications for each board to see what it offers. You must log in or register to reply here.Dressed in professional attire, the Prime Z series caters to daily users and content creators with well-rounded specs and features. Combining the benefits of the latest processors with essential ASUS design and engineering, Prime Z provides a wealth of options for performance tuning via intuitive software and firmware features.

Cooling Capability The onboard intelligence also watches system vitals like temperatures, fan speeds, and power draw to gauge cooling performance. AI Overclocking Utilizes onboard intelligence to perform automated clocking and provides target frequency and voltage estimations for savvy veterans that prefer manual tuning.

Take care of complex tuning with just one click. ASUS 5-Way Optimization is a system-wide tuning utility that overclocks the processor and tunes fan speeds to ensure the best balance between cooling and acoustics. The automated CPU tuning feature of 5-Way Optimization leverages the same onboard intelligence as AI Overclocking, but goes further by running a Prime95 based stress test to deliver a result that's well-tuned from the get-go.

We have upgraded this tool to provide AI Overclocking prediction values for users who want more insight when experimenting with different settings. The Energy Processing Unit EPU enables system-wide power efficiency to automatically optimize power consumption to maximize energy savings.

This tool now features temperature regulation that adjusts the CPU frequency according to processor temperatures. Users can now set a threshold to balance temperature and performance.

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Whether you're cooling with air or water, Auto-Tuning mode intelligently configures all parameters with a single click. There's also an Extreme Quiet mode, which reduces all fan speeds to below the default minimum — keeping your system whisper-quiet when performing light tasks. Whether you're a professional designer or hardcore gamer, you'll feel the benefit of the ASUS-exclusive Turbo App every day. This intuitive tool allows you to define CPU overclocking, apply fan profiles, prioritize network data and optimize audio settings at app level, meaning your Prime ZA system is perfectly optimized for what you're doing.

Prediction AI Overclocking monitors system vitals like power draw, temperatures, and fan speeds to gauge overclocking performance. Intuitive graphical fan control Fine-tune individual fans simply by dragging a curve with the mouse.

Fast Clock Adjustment Use mouse controls to change the time and date. Search Function Quickly and easily find the option or setting you're looking for. My Favorites Quickly discover tuning options and add preferred tools to the list. To provide Intel's latest processors' unfettered access to memory bandwidth, we've reimagined motherboard trace routing from the ground up.

Our OptiMem II tech carefully maps memory signal pathways across different PCB layers to reduce vias and also adds shielding zones that significantly reduce crosstalk. And to further enhance overclocking headroom for fully stacked memory configurations, we've employed a highly customized T-Topology layout that delivers time-aligned signaling.

II automatically fixes boot failures that arise due to memory overclocking and instability. A dedicated integrated circuit protects each fan header from over-temperature and over-current.

Prime ZA has an ultra-efficient heatsink to reduce M.

asus thunderbolt 3 compatible motherboards

MOS power stages that combine high-side and low-side MOSFETs and drivers into a single package, delivering the power and efficiency that Intel's latest processors demand. Compared with traditional power inputs, ProCool sockets are built to tight specifications to ensure flush contact with the PSU power lines.

This lowers impedance, which helps to prevent hotspots and connector failure. Manufactured in a single step using a new insert-molding process, SafeSlot integrates the slot with fortifying metal for an inherently stronger slot, which is then firmly anchored to the PCB through additional solder points.

ASUS motherboards are exhaustively tested for compatibility with more than 1, components and devices, and each new model undergoes a minimum of 8, hours of strict validation — offering the peace of mind of knowing that your ASUS motherboard is fit for all environments and applications. Extensive testing with latest components for enhanced reliability, compatibility and safety. Prime series motherboards are engineered with industry-leading 5X Protection III, employing the finest components, excellent circuit design, and exacting standards to guarantee the quality and long-term durability of your motherboard.

ASUS LANGuard is hardware-level networking protection that employs signal-coupling technology and premium anti-EMI surface-mounted capacitors to ensure a more reliable connection and better throughput. An exclusive circuit design with built-in voltage regulators to protect your motherboard from damage caused by unexpected high-level voltages from unstable or inferior power supplies. Onboard resettable fuses prevent overcurrent and short-circuit damage.

The Prime Z series provides superior compatibility with thousands of components and our Qualified Vendor List QVL identifies memory compatibility, giving you more choices for worry-free PC-building experiences.

Every ASUS motherboards is subjected to more than 8, hours of stringent tests, including burn-in, environmental, compatibility, software and safety tests to confirm their durability. ASUS reliability surpasses industry standards, ensuring that every component is designed to function flawlessly in any environment.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page.

Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message. Sold and Shipped by Newegg. Pros: 1 card worked for approximately 1 month and the other for 3 weeks. What made the RMA experience even more enjoyable was Asus required I send the motherboard in as well. This was absolutely unnecessary.

The motherboard was damaged in transit and Asus wanted me to file a claim with the shipper, even though they provided the shipping label. After all of that was settled and without a working computer for 3 weeks, I received a motherboard and ThunderboltEX 3 card. The ThunderboltEX 3 card worked for 2 weeks, but is now dead again. No computer updates, no changes to firmware, running latest BIOS, etc.

I removed the dead card and put in a backup ThunderboltEX 3 card and everything works as it should. I wonder how long that will last? I have read the Gigabyte Gc-alpine Ridge 2. Now I have to RMA the dead card again.

Thanks asus. Impossible to decipher what you would have to change to make it work in another slot. Cons: I have been through 2 x99 mobos, none had functionality with this card.

I've been stuck in customer service limbo for weeks with Asus, getting the same responses. They are refusing to replace the thunderbolt card even though it's under warranty. Cons: Thunderbolt goes into endless loop when you try to shutdown. This happens when you install the thunderbolt driver when thunderbolt is enabled in the bios. Overall Review: Here are the proper instructions so this problem does not happen: You must 1- disable thunderbolt in the bios 2- install the thunderbolt driver in windows 3 - shutdown If this is done correctly at this point, there will be no endless shutdown symptom 4 - install the card 5- turn on the computer may have to go into windows and then restart before enabling Thunderbolt in bios!

Now it works!. Pros: When it workedit worked perfectly but it stopped working after a month of usage for no reason. Cons: - Setting it up took 3 hours of trial and error driver ,software and Bios to get it workingcountless pc restarts - Asus has not released any firmware update and the driver on their website is old which does not help. Overall Review: as much as I love asus products and being a loyal customer I do not recommend this product until it actually works properly however Thunderbolt EX2 seems to be working better for others, this is clearly due to lack of firmware,software and support for EX3.

The following guidelines apply to all product categories unless otherwise indicated within specific categories. Back To Combo. The actual Open Box product may differ in packaging and included accessories, but has been tested to ensure basic functionality.


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